"Job Portal" is advance web application which empower candidate/corproate/agent to connect with each other in more personalized way. Along with just chat and notification, they can engage with each other by screening, automated interview, tracking, interview scheduling & much more...

Candidate can connect with their favourite corporate, to see updates on activity, event, progress, jobs, see all applied jobs status and many more...

"Job Portal" offers to become agent/recruitment consultant and earn easy money.


  • Register Candidate
  • Register Corporate
  • Register Agent
  • Candidate
    • Manage Own Profile
    • Apply for Job & their status
    • Follow Corporate
    • Pursue Interview
    • Corporate/Agent Wish List
    • Statistics of Visited corporate/agent
  • Corporate
    • Manage Own Profile
    • Find Candidate
    • Post Job
    • Conduct Interview
    • Generate Interview Questionaries
    • Candidate/Agent Wish List
    • Manage Referral
    • Statistics of Visited candidate
    • Online Payment to agent
  • Agent
    • Manage Own Profile
    • Apply for Job
    • Post their Candidate
    • Conduct Interview
    • Corporate Wish List
    • Statistics of Visited corporate