Agro-biotech Management Software

PECULIAR INFOTECH, in association with ABC-AGRO BIOTECH (P) LTD and under the guidance of Dr. MANGALAN SIVADASAN, has initiated agro biotech software solutions. In the first phase, we have developed Lab management & hardening management software solution. We have tried to cover a complete cycle from lab production to hardening center management to sale-out. Major modules include:

Plant tissue culture broadly refers to the in vitro cultivation of all plant parts under aseptic conditions. Any laboratory in which tissue culture techniques are performed must contain several basic facilities. These include areas for general washing and media preparation, sterilization, storage, aseptic transfer, observation/data collection, and environmentally controlled incubators or culture rooms. The most important work area is the culture transfer room where the core activity takes place. Plant tissue cultures should be incubated under well-controlled temperature, humidity, air circulation, light quality, and for a specific duration. The plant culture technique requires various organic and inorganic chemicals for the preparation of culture media. The growth room is an equally important area where plant cultures are maintained under controlled environmental conditions to achieve optimal growth. Plants regenerated from in vitro tissue cultures are transplanted to vermiculite pots. The potted plants are ultimately transferred to greenhouses or growth cabinets and maintained for further observations under controlled conditions of light, temperature, and humidity

In Lab software solution, we cover

  • Daily Production
  • Transfer PIR To Growth Room
  • Define Location
  • Growth Room & IPQC Contamination
  • Import Contamination
  • Transfer From Growth Room
  • IPQC Checking
  • Transfer IPQC To PIR
  • Media Preparation
  • Item inward/outward

The Hardening Center Software solution covers:

  • Green House
    • Inward Stock
    • Daily Production
    • Update Mortality
    • Transfer/Sell
  • Poly House
    • Update Mortality
    • Transfer/Sell
  • Shade House
    • Daily Production
    • Update Mortality
    • Transfer/Sell

Some support but key-modules:

  • Dashboard
  • Challan
  • Purchase Order
  • Invoice
  • Sub-Invoice
  • Item Inward/Outward
  • Collection
  • Attendance
  • Leave Apply & Approval
  • Transport

Lab Reports :

  • Daily Production Report
  • Cycle Wise Report
  • Growth Room Stock Report
  • Growth Room Stock Transfer Report
  • IPQC Stock Report
  • IPQC Stock Transfer Report
  • PIR Stock Report
  • Culture Contamination Report
  • Stock Inventory
  • Media Stock
  • Media Rejection Report
  • Print Label

Hardening Center Reports :

  • Green House Inward Report
  • Green House Daily Production Report
  • Shade House Daily Production Report
  • Mortality Report
  • Sales Report
  • Sales Return Report
  • Tracking Report