Lab Inventory Management System (LIMS)

Case Study:

Daily Thousands of bottles travel with production. In PIR, after production, bottles send to growth rooms where client arrange them by their products & verities. Bottles stay for some weeks in growth room where bottles keep under observation. Wastage bottles scan by WIFI BARCODE reader and data feed into LIMS.

From growth rooms, bottles may send to 1. IPQC (for examination), 2. Green House (Plants are ready for farmers) or 3. Other Locations (as samples).

After few weeks, bottles shift to IPQC, where experts examine them. Experts give them culture type as per their growth. Again bottles send to PIR from IPQC for reprocess. This cycle repeats until they get satisfactory result.

Proposed Solutions:

With vast case study of Bio-agriculture complex planting system, peculiar have developed “Lab Inventory Management System (LIMS)”, which empower management to control & manage plant production cycle.

LIMS provides two kind of easy input methods: 1. By entry forms and 2. By excel import, which consume fewer efforts to take whole day production data. We also integrated WIFI BARCODE reader to takes input direct from bottle label.

Several reports make easy decision making in raw material consumption, Stock limits, plants delivery timings, wastage management & more…


  • Manage Employee
  • Assign roles of employees which define area/limit within LIMS
  • Manage Products & Its different varieties
  • Manage media and their usage chemical ratios.
  • Manage details of raw materials & define alerts for their stock limits.
  • Easy entry forms or import from excel
  • WIFI barcode scanner takes input
  • Facility to maintain location wise bottles into rack
  • Easy shifting forms from PIR to Growth rooms, Growth room to IPQC, IPQC to PIR.
  • Maintain inwards & and outwards of raw-materials.
  • Media preparation media and their consumption.
  • Manage Lab, Contamination type, Shift of employees, Culture type. Growth rooms details


  • Daily Production Report
  • Cycle Wise Report
  • Employee Wise Performance Report
  • Stock reports of Growth rooms, IPQC & PIR
  • Culture contamination report
  • Inward/outwards reports