FRR Family (A Back-Office Management Solution)

In the present world, efficiency of your back office operation is essential to the success of your organization and to the overall level of service that you provide. helps automate and simplify many activities which enable to balance workloads, optimize resources to increase processing speed and throughput, meet service goals and improve quality and compliance. helps to reduce/Control costs and increase operational efficiencies.

Employee wise, department wise, designation wise rights management & several reports empower account, sales, HR & Finance department activities.

Modules of Back-Office solution include:

  • Dashboard, which highlights important activities of back-office like attendance, KYC generated, Topper of KYC Generator, News & Current affairs, Daily HR corners, Birthday/Anniversary messages for client and employees.
  • Manage Employee
  • Manage Employee payroll details
  • Single/Bulk rights assignments
  • Define heads by department Wise
  • Insert Expense
  • Expense Exceed report
  • Approval of expense
  • Monthly, daily, yearly attendance report
  • Set Attendance
  • Set Manual Attendance
  • Calculate Employee Salary
  • Apply Leave
  • Approval of leave
  • Daily, Monthly, Yearly employee-wise leave report
  • Manage Company’s assets & location details
  • Manage HR corner
  • Manage Vendor
  • Manage Employee Certificates, its expiry details & alerts
  • Manage company’s policies
  • Manage Tax deduction documents
  • Tracking of office mobile/landline bill & dues
  • Broadcast News & events
  • LMS (Lead management System)
    • Add lead
    • Assign leads target to employees
    • Tracking of employee/team performance
    • Manage Client minutes of meeting details
    • Manage my follow-ups and set reminders
    • Generate Meeting and appointment reports
  • Manage Masters entries (flexibilities to manage company specific details) like region, countries, states, cities, areas, department, designation, branch, lead resources, shift, quiz, holidays, type of expense, references of client, leave type, assets category & type, expense group & type & many more…